About the Macy Catheter®

Hospi Corporation’s first product, the Macy Catheter, is a simple and innovative medical device designed to facilitate discreet and comfortable rectal administration of medications. Rectal administration is a proven route of delivery and can be particularly relevant during serious or terminal illness, or in any situation where the oral route of administration is compromised. The Macy Catheter has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is now available commercially in the United States. The Macy Catheter is protected by two issued patents in the U.S. and has several patents pending.

The Macy Catheter is a prescription device to be placed by a clinician. Once in place, it can be used for repeat administration of liquid medications in solution or suspension form. The Macy Catheter is comprised of a dual port, dual lumen ballooned tube that is inserted in the rectum just past the rectal sphincter, where the retention balloon is inflated (via the balloon inflation port) to hold the device in place.

The Macy Catheter medication port is specifically designed to be compatible only with oral/enteral connectors, reducing the probability of connection errors. The medication port also features a valve to prevent leakage, and is designed to be non-clogging. The Macy Catheter is designed to expel with defecation, or it can be easily removed prior to a patient’s bowel movement. The balloon is smaller and softer than typical stool in the rectum. The Macy Catheter is intended as a disposable single use device.

Learn more about the invention of the Macy Catheter and the Benefits of Rectal Administration.

The Macy Catheter is a simple and innovative device to leverage the efficacy of the rectal route of administration. The Macy Catheter is designed to enable the comfortable and discreet administration of liquids and medications, while overcoming the many challenges associated with the use of suppositories. Once in place by a clinician, the device can enable repeated administration until it is removed for, or by, a bowel movement.