Patient-Centric Approach

At Hospi, our patient-centric philosophy is built around nursing principles and nursing theory. As such, our products are not designed to cure or diagnose disease. Rather, they are designed to assist in improving the patient’s response to an illness by alleviating suffering, preventing complications or injury, decreasing the burden of illness for both the patient and caregivers, and supporting an environment of respect and dignity. Our products assist the clinician in improving quality of life for patients and their caregivers. Through the design of innovative products, Hospi enables healthcare providers to offer better quality care while also reducing costs.

Our co-founder, Brad Macy, is a 20-year hospice nurse veteran who brings the nursing perspective to the development of Hospi’s high-impact products. His in-depth understanding and experience with hospice and palliative care helped create the guiding principles underlying our process for product innovation.

Specifically, we create medical devices that drive the entire system of care to be increasingly patient-centric by:

  • Improving quality of life for both the patient and caregiver by alleviating the patient’s suffering or improving the trajectory of recovery from an illness;

  • Minimizing complications associated with the medical care of the individual;

  • Helping to promote self-care, or assisting the family or caregiver in providing care (as part of Orem’s Self Care Model of Nursing

  • Enabling cost reductions through workflow efficiencies, fewer iatrogenic complications, and a reduction in the need for high acuity care.