About Hospi

Hospi Corporation improves quality of life by innovating practical, high impact medical devices that enhance patient comfort and wellbeing, ease caregiver burden, and reduce cost.

Hospi understands the needs of patients living with serious or terminal illness — and the caregivers who treat them. Our patient-centric focus is informed by a nursing perspective and has guided the development of Hospi’s first product, the Macy Catheter®, which has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is now available in the United States.

The Macy Catheter was invented by Hospi co-founder Brad Macy, a 20-year hospice nurse veteran, who leveraged his experience to address the need for a product to help improve patient comfort and wellbeing. The Macy Catheter is a simple, patented and innovative medical device designed to facilitate discreet and comfortable rectal administration of liquids or medications. The rectal route of administration is relevant, yet underutilized, in the hospice, palliative care and home health settings. It is particularly useful for management of symptoms when a patient has difficulty swallowing or the oral route is otherwise compromised.

At Hospi, we develop products that improve quality of life for patients and optimize the ability of caregivers to provide better
care in a cost-effective manner.

Dear Hospi Partner,
Hospi is concerned about all of you and the patients you serve in Northern California affected by the wild fires. We empathize with the emotional and logistical stress, and send our heartfelt best wishes during these trying times.
Recognizing that some of your patients may be evacuated and that those with the likelihood of emergent symptom crises could benefit from the Macy Catheter, Hospi will restock you free of charge for any kits given to patients and nurses (or any inventory that might be damaged as a consequence of the fires).  We will also do our best to get a kit to any relocated patient or their stop-gap healthcare provider or shelter that you inform us should receive one. 
Right now, please don't worry about any mechanics.  If you have Macy Catheter requests, just e-mail vivian.gordon@hospicorp.com or info@hospicorp.com, or call 888-509-3732 x 1.  If you order backfill kits/catheters after the fires, just let us know and it will be free of charge.
Thank you for your angelic service to our fellow humans, stay safe, and rest assured that when the region begins to dig out, we will be there for you, starting locally with Kelly Grace and Brad Macy in Northern California. 
Igal Ladabaum, CEO
Brad Macy, President
and the entire Hospi Team